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Zadar Digital Nomad Week

10-17 June 2022


Zadar Digital Nomad Week 2022: Digital By Nature – live and online in Zadar and the county. Watch the online replays here, and in person recordings as they are uploaded.

Zadar Digital Nomad Week Outdoor Fitnesss
Zadar Digital Nomad Week Garden Lounge Panel

Zadar Digital Nomad Week’s panels and masterclass venues – walkable around the city. From outdoor parks, seaside cafes to suburban wine cellars.



Desmond Dixon connects sales professionals with entrepreneurs while podcasting, consulting, and traveling the world. He enjoys investing in Real Estate, NFT’s, and Books. Desmond has millions in sales experiences and enrollments in the thousands. Desmond believes in an abundance mindset and loves to connect like minded people together.

Maya Middlemiss: Podcasting For Business – a gig every digital nomad should consider.

Maya Middlemiss is a journalist, author, and podcast host, specialising in future of work and the impact of tech on society. To connect, collaborate or consult with Maya, join her on linkedin or Twitter @mayamiddlemiss.

Ethan Mayers: The First step IS the first step. A powerful exercise to guide you on your journey – as a digital nomad or in general.

Ethan Mayers is CEO of Future Proof Agency. He began his career as a television producer. Leadership roles in technology on 3 continents; Mentored startups in 15 countries. Committed to leveraging tech to build a better, sustainable, profitable, and healthy world.

LinkedIn Live Videos on DNA Croatia's Page:

Han Talbot – Sustainability
Dr Diane Erceg – Antarctica
Kashlee Kucheran – Digital Nomad Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Women
Dean Kuchel: From I To Us To We
Orest Zub: Life of a Digital Nomad During War
Sara Dyson: Monetizing a Blog
Violeta Dobric: KPMG “AMA”
Steve Tsentserensky: The Dark Art of Upwork



Michael Freer – Social Impact (Keynote on a Kayak)
Sam Brown – Career Pivots
Charlie Brown – Making Money on Medium
Marlee McCormick & Jeff Burkett – Masterclass ‘You Call This A Podcast’?
Anna Maria Kochanska – Digital Nomads and Local Communities
Rudi Witkowsky – outdoor fitness session*
Dr Diane Erceg – Keynote in Paklenica NP*
Panel: Everyone Loves Nomads. Do They?
Panel: Zadar’s Local Digital Nomad Scene

*not recorded due to the power of the in-person experience


Zadar Digital Nomad Week
Zadar Digital Nomad Week Coworking Virtual Escape Room
Zadar Digital Nomad Week Paklenica Hike
Zadar Digital Nomad Week Wine Cellar Masterclass
Zadar Digital Nomad Week Rent A Tesla
Zadar Digital Nomad Week Sunset Picnic
Zadar Digital Nomad Week Tesla Birthplace
Zadar Digital Nomad Week Outdoor Fitnesss


10-17 June 2022

Check-In + Welcome


Nomad Table Dinner

Outdoor Fitness and Picnic

Personal Training Session with Rudy Witkowski

Puzzle Picnic – discover clues around Zadar to unlock the location of a pop-up gourmet picnic. And later, dipping into the Nin mud baths.

 Regional Excursion

Kayak Keynote – Social Impact, with Michael Freer

An ottoman branch at Maskovica Han, a keynote on a kayaks, and a sunset picnic overlooking the Kornati archipelago.

Press Conference, Panel + Masterclasses

With special guests Marlee McCormick and Mandy Fransz

 A leisurely session looking at the digital nomad scene in Zadar, followed by a masterclass in Fiolic winery on the art of podcasting, with masterclasses from Maya Middlemiss and Ethan Mayers. The evening – a LinkedIn masterclass with leading expert Mandy Fransz and local expert Emanuel Stojanov at Code Hub Zadar. And Speed Tax sessions from KPMG Croatia.

Nomads + Tech

With Janet Thompson

Workshop with Sam Brown on Career Pivots, with a special e vehicle trip to the home of Tesla – courtesy of Rent A Tesla, returning to Zadar for a sunset city tour with local guide, Vlatka Pehar.

Masterclasses and Keynotes

Leading digital nomads in Zadar and online

The Dark Art of Upwork with Steve Tsentserensky. Making money on Medium with Charlie Brown. Sustainability with Han Talbot and Entrepreneurial opportunities for women in the digital nomad market with Kashlee Kucheran – keynote.

Keynote and Overnight Hike


A juicy morning – with tips from Violeta Debro from KPMG Croatia, Orest Zub and the situation in Ukraine, Sara Dyson of Expat in Croatia on monetizing blogs – and a window into Antarctica with Dr Diane Erceg – live from Zadar, and then in person on the peaks of Paklenica National Park – where the crew ended the week on a high note – in nature and no signal, just stars and fireflies.